Current Green Beauty Wishlist III


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all having a cozy day. My week was very busy, so I’m in need of some relaxation today. Because I’m living in pajamas and would be browsing makeup anyway, I thought I’d share the products that have piqued my interest lately. I think they all have to potential to be amazing or a total disaster, so I can’t help but be curious.

First up is a primer that I just keep thinking about because I haven’t seen anything like it. Because of my dark circles and hyperpigmentation, I’m always on the lookout for color correcting products, but there aren’t many clean options. Then I saw the Cocokind green primer drops. In theory a green serum sounds great for cancelling out redness, but because it’s essentially a tinted oil, I’m skeptical that it will pack a punch. If it does work, it would be a new everyday makeup essential.


I’ve never really fallen in love with an eyeshadow palette, but there’s something about the Ilia Beauty Luna eyeshadow quad that’s so interesting. It’s just made to create sophisticated editorial looks. On the other hand, that means it’s probably not the most wearable day to day, but that’s down to personal opinion. Honestly, I should probably just get a navy shadow since it’s the stand out shade and save the $44. If my funds weren’t so limited, this quad would already be mine.

Currently, I own exclusively loose shadows. They’re much cheaper, but such a pain to work with. I’d like to try to press them, so if you have any experience with that, please leave your tips below! Once they’re pressed and hopefully not ruined, they will need a new home, which lead me to discover the bamboo compact capsule palette from Elate Cosmetics. It’s pretty, holds eight shadows, has a large mirror and a magnetic closure. What more could you ask for?


I guess I’ve really been into shadows lately because I’ve also been eying the Juice Beauty cream shadow sticks. I’m always drawn to cream shadows, but the standard packaging is pots, which isn’t the most convenient when you have long nails but want to apply it with your fingers. I like that these can be applied directly to the eye. They’re also much thinner than other stick shadows, so you can be a little more precise in application. If they’re as creamy and easy to use as the reviews suggest, they should be winners.

Last up, we have the Gressa Minimalist Contouring Bronzing Serum. That’s a whole lot of name that doesn’t really make sense. From what I understand, it gives your skin a warm glow, so it’s basically a liquid bronzer, which sounds incredibly intimidating. If applied and blended carefully, I think it could give the most beautiful and natural looking sun kissed glow. It’s winter. I’m pale. That sounds amazing. It is pricey, but I’m tempted to buy it, so I can review it. Am I the only one memorized by this product?

If you want more wishlist goodies, check out part one and part two of this series. I never intended to make this a series, but you guys seemed to like it and I did too. As always if you’ve tried any of these products, I’d love to know what you thought of them!



5 thoughts on “Current Green Beauty Wishlist III

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    • I got a sample of the foundation and the shade match was great, but I don’t think the formula is for me. Clearly not giving up on their products though! Haha :) By the way, I tagged you in the versatile blogger award if you missed it!


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