April Favorites | Skincare, Makeup, Etc.

IMG_6163April feels like a blur. Despite not remembering exactly what happened, I have some favorites to share with you.


There’s always at least one stand out product in my Petit Vour subscription box. Last month, it was the konjac cloth. I’ve used konjac sponges for over a year and the only thing I dislike is they take a few minutes to soften and similarly, they can take a while to dry out after use. Because it’s so thin, the cloth doesn’t have these issues making it my favorite skincare tool. If you haven’t used one before, think of it as the softest, most gentle washcloth that even sensitive skin will benefit from. It can be used alone or paired with a cleanser. Either way my skin is left feeling clean and soft. I’m curious to see how it holds up with use because it’s much thinner than other facial sponges so it may wear out quickly, but for now it’s a dream.


Speaking of gentle exfoliation (and Petit Vour), lately I’ve been reaching for the Purifying Daily Detox Scrub from Derma E. I typically don’t use scrubs because it’s too much for my reactive skin, but this one makes the cut. The consistency is not at all what I expected. It’s feels like a lotion with a few large grainy bits. Perhaps my favorite feature is the tingly cooling effect. It’s just so refreshing!


I gave the Clove + Hallow concealer an honorable mention in my January favorites because though I just got my hands on it, I was confident I would love it. Since then I’ve been testing it out and I can confirm the love is real. Finding the perfect clean concealer is no easy task, so stay tuned for a full review where I’ll go over all the details and application. For now, know that it’s replaced my staple Hynt concealer. If you prefer a matte finish, very full coverage or struggle to find your shade from other green beauty brands, I think you’ll love this.


If you’ve been around for a while, you know brows are the one step of my makeup routine I never forgo. With that being said, I’m not particularly good at filling in my brows. I finally got the hang of using of the 100 Percent Pure Long Last Brows and unsurprisingly, I’m obsessed. I’ve always been intimidated by pomades, but as a brow novice I can assure you it’s not as intense as it seems. You can easily control how much product you pick up and it isn’t too pigmented, so you can opt for a natural look to build up to carved out brows. It lasts all day, doesn’t smudge or flake. You get it, it’s amazing. I use medium brown, the darkest shade. It matches my hair perfectly, but is definitely very dark and cool toned, so you may want to go a shade up for a softer look.


April was hands down the busiest month so far this year. I spent it finishing up the last major components of my degree, which naturally took up a lot of my time. I still have a few months until graduation, but they should be much calmer, which I look forward to!

There was one very exciting milestone last month. I got my first paid freelance work! I was contacted to write a few posts for an upcoming skincare blog. I’ll let you know when you can read those posts, but in the meantime I just wanted to say thank you for reading and supporting my corner of the internet especially lately as I’ve been more inactive online. I appreciate each and every one of you!

Talk to you soon.



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