Juicy Summer Makeup Tutorial


With the change of the season, I felt the urge to find my perfect summer makeup. Makeup that’s fresh-faced, sun-kissed and juicy. I don’t know where this desire came from because I rarely change my everyday look, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. Pinks, gloss, glow, soft and easy. Luckily (and for once), my idea came to fruition just right.


My base of choice is still the 100 Percent Pure BB Cream in 10 Luminous. It’s easy, it’s glowy, what more does a girl need? To spot conceal, I applied the Clove + Hallow concealer in shade 02. It’s a tad too light for me, but I like the formula enough to overlook that. Lastly, I used the Juice Beauty CC Cream in Desert Glow as a bit of a makeshift bronzer. It’s too warm for me (clearly I can’t pick the right shade online), so I popped it on the temples, under the cheekbones and jawline to add dimension to the face.

Because this look is particularly soft and feminine, I attempted to exercise restraint while doing my brows. I love a bold brow and sometimes it gets out of hand detracting from the whole look. First, I lightly filled in the sparse areas using 100 Percent Pure’s Long Last Brows pomade in Medium Brown. I know I just raved about it in my April favorites, but let me remind you that it’s so good and if you mess up, there’s nothing a spoolie can’t fix. To finish it off, I used Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder in Medium Brown to lock everything in place.

I left the eyes untouched. There’s no shortage of shadows that would work with this look, but there’s something so fresh about bare eyes.

IMG_6226 2

The star of the show is this Juice Beauty Cream Blush in Orange Blossom. I know I said I wasn’t a fan of blush, but sometimes I say things I don’t mean. In my mind, cream blush was notoriously difficult to blend, but that couldn’t have been more inaccurate. I didn’t even botch my first application, which is truly miraculous. The color is a little intimidating in the pan, but on the face it’s a gorgeous buildable coral with a dewy finish.  It gives a beautiful healthy radiance to the skin. All I’m saying is I’m going to be blushing all summer.

For the lips, I wanted a natural glossy flush. The True Morgina Lip Whip in Truth was just the thing. It’s more of a lip oil, so you never get that sticky gloss feeling and it leaves a pretty stain of color as it fades. I also tried the KaVossNYC Cinnamon Lip Plumper. It definitely has the classic lip plumper burn, but I don’t know that it made a noticeable difference, so I’ll have to try it out again.


It’s been so long since I did a makeup tutorial and though I’d happily wear this forever, if you want to see more posts like this, I’m happy to try other looks. Just let me know! What is your go-to summer look?



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