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IMG_6293May was the month when I thought it would all calm down, but it only got crazier. I’m learning to stop putting expectations on things because for better or worse they are typically wrong. Another good habit I’ve adopted? Keeping a running list of favorites to share with you. It’s mostly green beauty and ethical fashion, but then again what else would it be? Let’s get into it.

It feels like my Instagram is just a tribute to the True Moringa Lip Whip in the shade truth at this point. I feel like I talk about it constantly. Honestly, when I got it in my Petit Vour box, I thought it was pretty but not for me. Now it’s my everyday lip color. It looks intense in the pot and while it can be built up to a saturated berry, you can also apply a light layer for light wash of color and sheen. Because it’s a lip oil, you get the glossy finish  without the sticky heavy feeling of gloss. It has surprisingly good staying power and a stain is left long after the oil is absorbed, so no reapplication necessary.



Another discovery via the Petit Vour box is this argan oil from Kahina Giving Beauty. I’ve used argan oil in the past, but it was never my favorite. I always opted for rosehip or jojoba as they seemed more effective. Recently I’ve been applying one drop of argan oil along with my moisturizer and I have to say, it just gives me that extra boost of moisture I need. There’s no doubt this is a beautiful high quality oil, so if you want to splurge, it’s worth it. Would any other oil do the trick though? Probably. It’s a delight to use, but I won’t be repurchasing.


Sometime over the last few weeks, Melie Bianco crossed my radar. Their trendy, affordable, vegan and ethically made handbags seemed too good to be true. Then one day their straw circle bag and the Irene bamboo crossbody showed up on my doorstep, which also seemed to good to be true. I can assure you these bags are seriously cute, but the price point is reflected in the quality. They aren’t terrible by any means, but there are small flaws in stitching and piping along with some plastic hardware. Personally, I’d rather spend more on a vegan leather handbag, like an Angela Roi piece, that’s beautiful quality. With that being said, after I’ve used these Melie Bianco handbags for a few months, I will post a full review and let you know how they held up to wear. It’s been fun to style them especially because accessories can make all the difference. If you want to snag one for yourself, right now you can get half off your first order!


Perhaps it’s due to summer being in full force, but I can’t get enough gingham. I’ve always been check obsessed and have a quite a few pieces in my wardrobe. Lately they are all I want to wear and so I have. I think it’s a rather versatile print in terms of styling and season with a nod of americana. Plus gingham is practically made to be worn with straw bags. It’s meant to be, I’m not fighting it.

Speaking of old favorites, I’ve been wearing jewelry again. It’s the easiest way to elevate an otherwise basic look. Does anyone else just forget that jewelry is even an option for months at a time? My necklaces and rings are from Dogeared and Mr. Kate. Most of them are no longer available, but they have plenty of other great pieces made in the US. I’ve also been breaking out the statement earrings from my fair trade favorite, Fair Anita. I’d like to change out my other earrings, but finding ethically made flat back earrings is proving impossible, so if you have any suggestions, help a girl out.


Lastly, I wanted to give a little love to what I’ve been reading and watching. I went far too long with a novel on my nightstand, so last month I picked up Tar Baby. Toni Morrison always does it so right, so this was no disappointment. I prefer Beloved and The Bluest Eye, but I enjoyed and appreciated it nonetheless. I’m not sure what to read next, so I welcome suggestions. I’ve been staying away from new series because the temptation to binge watch is real, so for now it’s just Westworld. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it if not also watch it, so my question is what do you think is going to happen? Just when I think I have it all figured out, it completely changes direction and I’m lost again.

As always, if you wrote a favorites post, feel free to link it in the comments! What are you most excited about this month? For me, it’s creating a new healthier routine. After my last post, I’ve been feeling inspired to change it up. I’ll save that ramble for another time though!




6 thoughts on “May Favorites | Green Beauty & Ethical Fashion

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  3. I really love all of your pictures Savanna! They are so pretty and just amazing! I also love that striped shirt – it’s so 80’s and im obsessed with that! I have also followed your blog and I can’t wait to read more of your amazing posts! also love your bujo videos!
    Ella xx


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