My Worst Skincare Mistakes


Thanks to a recent flare up of my very sensitive skin, I’ve been reminded of all the other times my skin has been angry and it was completely my fault. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way and in terms of skincare, I have. Hopefully sharing my fails will spare you the pain. Literally.

If you’ve been following me, you know I have very dry skin. For the first few years of using natural skincare, I exclusively used oils to moisturize and nourish my skin. If you have normal to oily skin that may work for you, but I found myself slathering on jojoba, rosehip and argan oil and wondering why I still had dry patches. What I didn’t know is there is a big difference between moisturizing and hydrating and dry skin needs both.

If you aren’t watching 100% Pure’s Thursday night livestreams on Instagram, I highly recommend you do. As a fan of their products, I enjoy seeing them in action, but beyond that Susie Wang, founder, shares so much useful information about specific ingredients and how to use them. It was during one of these livestreams that I realized that I wasn’t giving my skin the hydration it needed and that’s why oils alone weren’t working. Ingredients like aloe and hyaluronic acid feed your skin water, while oils (shockingly) provide oil. Sure enough as soon as I introduced a hydrating cream and toner, my severe dry patches calmed down.


I was a little late to the double cleansing craze. Especially when I wore little makeup, I thought one cleanse was sufficient, but why chance going to bed with leftover makeup residue? Just like when I introduced hydration, when I implemented a double cleanse into my evening skincare I saw a great improvement in my skin. Currently, I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and follow up with a gentle cleanser like this one.

You’ve probably seen these tools before, but if you’ve never used one, do so with caution. It’s so easy to get carried away and cause damage to your skin. I have done just that on many occasions, leaving me with acne scarring. It’s not the end of the world, but it was completely avoidable which makes it all the more annoying.


The whole reason I even became aware of green beauty was in fact due to a reaction I had to a conventional moisturizer. This should be a no-brainer, especially after a perfume left me with hives. If a product is heavily fragranced, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. Furthermore, if you do and it seems to irritate your skin, you shouldn’t continue to use it. Despite this seemingly common sense, after a few days of use I had very textured skin and a constant burning sensation. I suppose one benefit of sensitive skin is you really can’t get away with using harsh ingredients because you will react badly.

And just one last note- If a product label states “avoid the eye area”, seriously remember to avoid the eye area. You will wake up with contact dermatitis. It will hurt and your eyelids will look reptilian for the next few days. Not a good time. Hopefully you’ve gleaned some knowledge from my cautionary skincare tales. If you’ve also done skincare oh so wrong, share in the comments, so we can laugh at our failures together.



5 thoughts on “My Worst Skincare Mistakes

  1. One of things I have to remind myself to do is remove the foundation on the underside of my chin! I often will just scrub the makeup off my actual face, forgetting that I’ve applied it elsewhere, and then I end up with…big surprise…a breakout. Also, making sure to take off every bit of mascara is a big one. I feel like there’s an art to that, and I haven’t really figured it out yet! lol


  2. It’s so important to know what works with your skin! I’ve been trying to figure out the best combinations for a while now. I have dry skin and I mix moisturizer with my oils, and that seems to work best. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up with irritated skin or walked out of the house with blotches because of products I used haha!


    • I’ve found that a combination of a hydrating moisturizer and oils works best for my dry skin too! Unfortunately, it just takes a bit of trial and error haha. Thanks for reading and sharing :)


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