100% Pure Luminous Primer | Review

IMG_6703Primers. Some swear by them, some swear they do nothing, after a couple months of testing the 100% Pure luminous primer, I’m somewhere in between.

I can’t seem to resist any product that promises a glow, so naturally it was only a matter of time before I tried this luminous primer. I’ve had great luck with 100% Pure products, so I had high expectations. Aside from giving you a glowing complexion, this primer is supposed to diffuse pores, minimize fine lines and improve the longevity of your makeup. Who doesn’t want that? The price is the only reason I waited so long to try it. It comes in at $38 for 1 fl. oz., which is about the price of 100% Pure foundations, so it seemed a bit steep.


It only took one application to realize a little bit goes a long way. One pump is far too much product. It has a thin silky texture allowing a pea sized amount to glide easily over your entire face. Though it contains no silicone, it reminds me of conventional dimethicone laden primers, so if you’re looking for a clean dupe, this is worth checking out. 100% Pure recommends allowing it to set for 90 seconds before applying foundation. In that time, the primer sets to a tacky finish. Personally, I prefer to immediately apply foundation because it makes blending effortless.

My favorite way to use this primer is to mix it with the 100% Pure BB cream, an exceptionally glowy base, and then apply it to my face. It blends out like a dream in a matter of seconds, which is perfect for my seemingly always rushed makeup application. I find this method to be the most flattering for very dry skin.


There is actually a very fine gold shimmer, but it’s undetectable on the skin. I wish there was more sheen, so I could achieve a dewy finish when paired with a satin finish foundation. Instead it adds a subtle radiance to the skin. It’s more of a healthy boost than dewy finish. I think this would be fine by most, but if you’re a glow addict like me that likes to look borderline sweaty, it might leave you wanting more. When paired with a dewy foundation though, you can easily achieve the wet highlighter look sans highlighter.

While the glow factor isn’t quite there for me, it does help diffuse imperfections and keeps my makeup looking fresher longer. Though they suggest it minimizes pores, I don’t see a noticeable difference. If pores are your main concern, their mattifying primer may be a better choice.


In the end, I’m torn. It definitely improves the application and longevity of my makeup, but I just wish it did more. In particular, I wish it had more luminosity, which is after all the point of the product. Despite this shortcoming, I still enjoy using it and would consider repurchasing it because I love how it works alongside the 100% Pure BB Cream, my go-to base product. If you’re hoping to transform a satin or matte foundation or minimize pores, this isn’t the product for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hydrating primer that helps your makeup last all day with settling or accentuating dry patches, this is a solid product.

Have you tried either of 100% Pure’s primers? I’d love to know your thoughts and recommendations. Also, let me know if you’d like a review and demo of 100% Pure’s Long Last Brows pomade!



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