Rose Recast was born in December 2016 after being in the back of my head for about five years. I was consumed by my studies and thought I would eat, sleep and breathe academia for the rest of my life. Slowly, I realized that’s not at all what I craved. I wanted to create. When I’m taking photos, sewing or making a mess while trying to learn a skill, I get that buzz. Last year, I changed a lot in my life even though it was really scary. I made my passions my priority and I’ve never been happier.

This nook of the internet is where I review natural beauty products, style ethically produced fashion, teach DIYs, let you in on some things I’ve learned, share simple vegan recipes and encourage self-love and wellness. I wouldn’t talk about any of this if I didn’t care about it, so I can assure you each post is crafted with love.

My hope is that through the fun of getting dressed or creating with me, you’re inspired to live consciously. Don’t be stifled by what you think you need to do. Do what you want.

If you’d like to work with me or just have a chat, please contact me at roserecast@gmail.com.

You can also find me on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Spotify. Come say hi.