5 Easy Beauty DIYs | Dry Shampoo, Cleanser, Mask & More



Are we making breakfast or beauty products? The picture looks like it could go either way, but I’m sharing five simple beauty DIYs that really work. I know because I’ve used them for years. The ingredients are vegan, nontoxic and probably in your cupboard already. We have something for the face, body and hair. Enjoy!

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DIY Embroidered Slogan Sweatshirt | Video

diy embroidered slogan thrifted sweatshirt

I have a secondhand gray sweatshirt that I love so much that when I found it again at Goodwill, I bought it. Then I found a red one by the same brand. Naturally, I bought it because when you find the perfect cozy clothes, why say no? Unlike the first two, the red sweatshirt stayed tucked in a drawer unworn. It was missing something and I think adding some playful embroidery was just what it needed.

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DIY Distressed & Embroidered Top

red distressed top with gold stars

A couple of weeks ago, I finally went to the Goodwill Sunday sale again. All items tagged with a particular color get marked down to $0.50 and it’s so. much. fun. The reduced prices are great for the sake of saving money, but it also gives me the chance to try out some new things without much investment. That’s where this top came in. It was tacky, unflattering, and crying out to be my next DIY. Continue reading

DIY How to Resize Sports Bras


I’m finally back with another DIY post! I plan to share more in the coming weeks, so today we’re kicking it off with a simple sewing project.

Having the perfect fit in a sports bra is necessary. Finding the perfect fit isn’t always so easy though. I’m sure some of you out there can relate to this. If the band fits, the cups are too small. If the cups fit, the band is too big, which is the case for this starry number pictured above. What’s a girl to do? Luckily, a few simple alterations can give you just what you looking are for.
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How to Make a Vision Board


Happy 2017! New year, new intentions. With so many of us making new years resolutions, I invite you to take on a different methodology this year. No more making a list of goals and shoving it in a drawer to forget about when February rolls around. Last year, I made a vision board and it was amazing. This year, I’m sharing my process. Let’s get started.

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