What I Eat in a Day | Vegan Recipes & Video

I love knowing what people really eat, so naturally if there’s a What I Eat in a Day video or blog post, I’m there. Today, the tables have turned and I’m sharing. It’s difficult to capture what a usual day of food is for me, so there will definitely be more of these in the future. I eat whatever I feel like (within reason) and on this particular day, I was craving cooked hearty food. Regardless of cravings, it’s all vegan and free of oil and refined sugar. Oh and lazy person friendly.

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When You’re the Only Vegan You Know

when you're the only vegan you know small town

Plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle are more popular than ever. It’s amazing to see people living consciously and ethically and even making it cool. Sure, some still think we’re crazy radicals or hippie freaks, but veganism is being accepted like never before. If you’re in the right city or active online, vegan people and restaurants seem to be everywhere. I love this lifestyle, but in small town America, it’s hardΒ when you’re the only vegan you know.

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April Favorites | Beauty, Fashion, Food & More

April favorites eyebuydirect 100 percent pure nut free soybean chocolate spread vegan green beauty blogger

The end of every month brings a certain ritual. I pay rent and feel really broke.Β I have a tiny crisis about how fast time is moving. I tell myself next month I’m going to be a better student, blogger and human. And then I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching monthly favorite videos on YouTube and all is right in the world.

This month I’m shaking it up and sharing my favorites of April. There’s a little bit of everything.

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10 Cheap Vegan Diet Essentials


When going vegan, people often find themselves having to relearn the basics of food. Suddenly, you don’t know how how to cook or food shop and if you turn to meat and diary substitutes,Β you might get the impression that eating plant-based is expensive. Hi, I’m a broke vegan college student. If I can afford it, then I’m sure most people can, too. Of course, there is strategy involved. Here are my top ten vegan staples that I always have on hand that are good for your tummy and your wallet.

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An Honest Six Month Vegan Update


In July 2016, I committed to veganism. After being vegetarian for about seven months, I realized that I needed to take the plunge. There’s so many people online that extol veganism and it promote as the magical elixir that will fix all your problems and make you a superhuman. In an effort to write more personal material and get an honest discussion about veganism going, I want to share what the past six months have really been like.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the lifestyle and I’m not abandoning it by any means. I just want to offer my experience to those considering making the transition and those who feel like their experience hasn’t been represented within the community.

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4 Easy Vegan Recipes


Lately, I’ve been turning to the same few meals over trying out new recipes. Honestly, the beginning of the semester has left me a bit drained of energy and creativity. I know I’ll get back on top of things, but for now, I need all the shortcuts I can get! Not only is this an easy post for me to put together, but it finally gives me a chance to talk about food. All of these recipes are quick and easy and of course, 100% vegan.

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