My Evening Skincare Routine for Dry Acne Prone Skin


It’s nighttime, I’m exhausted and all I want to do is collapse in bed, but I always drag myself to the bathroom and do my evening skincare. Over the past few months, I’ve really nailed down my routine. Usually I bounce around trying fair few products, but lately I’ve been sticking to just a few. All of these products work well for my dry acne prone and sensitive skin and they’re affordable.

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Leven Rose Oils for Skin & Hair | Review

leven rose oils jojoba oil carrot seed oil organ oil rosehip oil

We all have our own journeys to adopting natural beauty products. For me, it happened about three and a half years ago after I had a very painful and ugly reaction to a moisturizer formulated for sensitive skin. Determined to figure out what ingredient/s had caused it, I delved into researching the cosmetics and personal care products industries and I didn’t like what I found. I promptly replaced that terrible moisturizer with a bottle of Leven Rose jojoba oil and it’s been a part of my daily skincare ever since.

Not to brag, but c’mon, that’s a pretty good love story. Though jojoba oil was my first love, I’ve tried three other oils from Leven Rose and I want to share my thoughts. In a perfect world, I would own all of their products. At the end, you can read about the ones I’m particularly desperate to get my hands on.

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Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipsticks | Review

silk naturals velvet matte lipstick vegan gluten free cruelty free green beauty swatches try on review cheap natural lipsticks camisole bustier underground 90s

Lipstick isn’t part of my everyday minimal makeup, but on occasion, it’s just what I want to elevate my look. Most green beauty brands offer lipsticks upwards of $20, but for those of us who don’t wear it often, that price point is bit steep. I turned to Silk Naturals, the most affordable clean makeup brand I know, and was happy to find they have 36 velvet matte shades for just $5.99 each. The price is right, but do they perform?

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Au Naturale Color Theory Creme Corrector | Review


If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I have yet to find a product that can conceal my severe dark circles. After trying the Hynt concealer, I realized the only solution might be using a color corrector. The only problem was there weren’t any on the market that were vegan, cruelty free and made from nontoxic ingredients. Then Au Naturale launched a ton of new products, including their Color Theory Creme Correctors. Did I just stumble upon the holy grail?

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